Vote on your favorite redesign of Congress Avenue!

We decided to hold a contest to let people have their say on a vision for what Congress Ave could look like. Today is the day you can help determine the winner, who will receive a gift certificate generously donated by Popbar. Here are the entrants!

#1 Jon Brewer

Jon’s Congress Avenue has center-running bus lanes with benches to wait for the bus, as well as room for sidewalks, bikes, parked and driving cars.

#2 Chris “Kaz” Wojtewicz

Kaz’s Congress Avenue has a more walking-oriented vision, with a generous sidewalk in the median. [EDIT: Kaz adds: “my vision includes a capped subway that StreetMix was unable to show.”]

#3 Mateo Barnstone (#1)

Mateo’s Congress Avenue has 8 (!!) rows of street trees, still with room for walking, driving, and parking for both cars and bicycles.

#4 Mateo Barnstone (#2)

Mateo’s other Congress Avenue has given up some street trees and median sidewalks for a pair of center-running tram lanes.

#5 Dan Hennessey

Dan’s Congress Avenue is our first asymmetric entry, with sidewalks, street maps, three rows of trees, transit, separated bike lanes, and transit shelters.

#6 Stefan Aleo

Stefan’s Congress Avenue has street maps, a bus lane, bike lane, driving lanes, turning lanes, parking lanes, and sidewalks, capped with a nice row of palm trees down the median.

#7 Ryan Young

Ryan has foregone car parking in favor of center-running transit lanes and edge-running bike lanes.

#8 Jacob Barett

Jacob’s Congress Avenue features transit, bikes, trees and sidewalks — including a bench-and-tree-lined median sidewalk — but no lanes for cars.

#9 Rocket Man John Dawson

John Dawson of Rocket Electrics has produced a bold vision for a Congress Ave with a wide median sidewalk, bike lanes (presumably including electrics!), and transit on the edge.

That’s it! Please step back, imagine yourself on each of these visions for Congress Ave and vote for your favorites.  Make sure to scroll down and click “Vote.” And while you’re at it, take the time to think of all the possibilities not only for Congress, but all of our streets. We get around on foot, bike, car, bus, train, scooter, and however else. And sometimes we don’t get around at all, but we just sit outside and enjoy the ambiance. But what we do is affected an awful lot by the environment we live in, so let’s dream for the best streets we can get!

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