Residential Permit Parking: for residents to park or so nobody else can?

Residential Permit Parking is ostensibly to allow residents to find street spaces near home in areas where parking is super competitive. In practice, though, few residents park onstreet during restricted hours and most of the parking goes unused.

It’s a phenomenon very easy to spot near the South Congress commercial strip:

But it happens all over the city, wherever we create resident-only zones. Clay Avenue off Burnet:

A few blocks west of that, Montview Avenue, also off Burnet:

Credit Kevin Miller

On Fortview, near Manchaca. Note how the unused parking starts where the residential zone starts.

Credit: Tyler Stowell

On Daniel Drive, one street over from Barton Springs Rd:

Credit: Rob Daniel

Some RPP zones in Mueller (all via Mateo Barnstone):

And near South 1st (again via Mateo Barnstone):

Do you have pictures of street parking going largely unused once designated as residents-only? Tag them with #NoParkingInRPP on twitter or add them to the discussion on the Austin on Your Feet facebook page.