I’m blogging!

After years of getting progressively more interested in local politics and policy wonkery, I’m making the plunge into joining the conversation.  The goal of the blog is partially to get my ideas out there, but even more so, to put ideas into the crucible of feedback that helps me refine them and understand the context of the city I live in.

Compared to the national and international politics which I spent most of my time on in my 20s, I’ve found local politics to be much harder to break into.  There are fewer sources of both news and analysis of what goes on in local politics, and not many people make a concerted effort to involve new people in policy-making.  Decisions are often hashed out over the course of months and months of back-and-forth and to be in the loop, you often need to attend meetings in person, rather than reading about what happened in the media.  Fortunately, since the internet has really come into its own as a discussion of local issues, it’s getting easier and easier to learn about local politics online; I hope to both benefit from and contribute to this trend.

I’m planning on a very soft launch; perhaps I’ll tell a few friends or my facebook friends, but probably only really publicize after I get some true posts up here.

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